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Rodgers Ranch is a 177 acre ranch that the late Daniel Rodgers left for the CUHS District in 2001. Along with the physical property, Rodgers also left an interest earning endowment that is used to fund a scholarship program benefiting CUHS students in many areas, including those involved at the ranch itself. 
The ranch is utilized for various student involvement activities, as well as community partnerships and job opportunities.
Included on the ranch are a peach orchard, large greenhouse, pumpkin patch, natural creek, walnut orchard, angus cattle herd, livestock barn, hay barn, a full classroom, and in the near future an olive orchard. All of these areas are used by students in classes or completing projects, events, cross country meets, and more. 
The R Farm is another part of the Rodgers Ranch, which houses goats, an alpaca, a walk-in cooler, a classroom, and various other elements. Students participate in activities and connect with the community through sales of products and events in this area as well. 

Please check out the Ranch Event Calendar and Newsletter for more information and details!